Personal Injury




Accidents and injuries of all types are a common occurrence in today’s world. If, however, you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, carelessness or someone else’s ill-conceived intentional act, you may need to contact a personal injury attorney. When it is determined that someone else is legally responsible for your injury, consulting an experienced, concerned attorney to help you through this difficult time is a wise decision.

If you have experienced a personal injury, you know what a life-altering event it can be. At the Law Offices of Timothy N. Henderson, we understand how stressful it can be to deal with the physical and financial problems that follow a personal injury. We have the experience and commitment to help you obtain the compensation you need to live a full and happy life despite the injury and hardship you had to endure.

We represent clients in automobile, motorcycle and truck accident cases, clients who have suffered injuries due to a drunk driver, clients injured because of dangerous premises or faulty equipment, those who have suffered injuries in the workplace or as a result of another’s negligence. We represent people who have been injured by dog bites or animal attacks, injuries in supermarkets, on public transportation, and in office parking lots.

We know what it takes to handle difficult personal injury cases. When you have been injured in an accident, it is important that you understand all of your rights and options. Attorney Timothy Henderson will work with you to make sure that you have a clear understanding of your rights, the law and all options available to you while, at the same time, working to achieve the best possible outcome.

There are important steps to follow if you have suffered a personal injury. If you have been injured seek medical attention as soon as possible. Be sure that you take care of yourself and your injuries. Document your injuries and record all relevant information related to the accident. Be sure to record all after effects of the accident (e.g. medical bills, doctor and hospital bills, the amount of work you had to miss because of the accident and the loss of wages). Collect as much evidence as possible that can help establish who caused the accident. If possible, take photographs of the accident scene, any injuries or property damage that occurred at the time of the personal injury. Be sure to get the names and contact information for anyone who witnessed the accident. Contact our offices and we will help guide you through all of these necessary steps.

With years of experience, we have all the necessary resources to handle a wide range of personal injuries:

We Cover ALL TYPES of personal INJURIES

Automobile Accident Injuries
Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Truck Accident Injuries
Drunk Driving Accident Injuries
Public Transportation Accident Injuries
Bicycle Accident Injuries
Medical Malpractice Injuries
Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse
Slip and Fall Accidents
Workplace Injuries
Wrongful Death
Dog Bites & Animal Attack Injuries
Premises Liability Injury
Boating Accident Injuries

As an experienced, personal injury attorney serving DuPage, Cook, Kane and Will counties, Timothy Henderson can help you navigate through a difficult and sometimes complex procedure. He is ready to answer your questions and provide the help and support you need to accomplish a full financial and physical recovery. Contact him for a free consultation (312) 444-9400.