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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Violation - Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Representing Clients Throughout Chicago Area (Cook, DuPage & Will Counties)

If you have a traffic infraction (e.g. speeding ticket, failure to signal, etc.), receive a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), need a hardship license, have a license suspension or have other driving related legal problems, we can provide the representation you need.
A ticket for a moving violation can have serious implications
Illinois has developed a comprehensive system for assigning points to a moving violation.  Three convictions for traffic violations within a 12 month period is only one of several traffic violations that can result in the revocation or suspension of your driving privilege.  Conviction of a traffic violation means points on your license and possible auto insurance rate increase.  We can provide you with the best legal representation and help lessen the possible negative ramifications.

More detailed information about traffic tickets, traffic violations and how Tim Henderson can be of help can be found at Joliet Traffic Law.

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