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Workers' Compensation - DuPage, Cook, Will, Kane Counties

Workmen's Compensation can help with work related injuriesAn Illinois Workers' Compensation Attorney serving the greater Chicago area (Cook, DuPage, Will Counties) Including the Cities of Joliet, Chicago, Oak Brook, Skokie...Let us Help you Receive your Lost Wages and your Maximum Settlement NOW

If you suffer an injury on the job or as a result of the work you do that has required medical attention, missed days at work due to this injury, or experienced pain from your on the job injury, you are entitled to benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act – regardless of fault.  If you suffer from an illness caused by your employment Illinois law has been written to make sure you receive compensation for any workplace injury or illness.  The Law Office of Tim Henderson is here to see that you receive the best possible representation in all aspects of your workers’ compensation case. 

The Workers’ Compensation Act is set up to help workers who have become injured from their job.  It is designed to pay your medical bills, part of your lost wages while you are unable to work and provide a settlement for any permanent disability caused by your job. 

We will work to make sure that all possible compensation for your present and future medical care needs that are a result of your job related injury are covered.  We are here to help you receive the compensation and the justice you deserve.

Workers' Compensation Attorney Tim Henderson will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to receive the compensation you need and deserve.  Success is no accident and his success with workers' comp cases is a result of his hard work, dedication and commitment.  He understands the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and has had experience obtaining client settlements that provide the maximum settlement available.

In order to obtain your full benefits under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and to fully protect your rights under this legislation, it is important to follow the steps below as closely as possible:
  • Immediately report the injury to your supervisor or boss. This can be done verbally or in written form.  A written notice to the supervisor or boss helps to avoid questions that might arise concerning the date of notification or the circumstances of the accident if there are questions at a later date.
  • File an Application for Adjustment of Claim form.  There is a specific time window within which the form must be filed.
  • Seek medical attention for the injury.
  • Consult an experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act was written to help insure workers who suffer injuries on the job or families who lose a loved one through a work incident receive the compensation they need and deserve.  You need an experienced and dedicated attorney who knows all of the benefits to which you are entitled.  Workers' Comp Attorney Tim Henderson has successfully represented clients throughout Cook, DuPage, Will & Kane Counties.  Call today for a free consultation (312) 444-9400

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