illinois Workers’ comp & covid-19

During these difficult and trying times we wanted to let you know The Law Offices of Timothy N. Henderson remain open and, as always, fighting for our clients to make sure they get the benefits they are entitled to NOW.

  • Workers (First Responders and “Front Line Workers”) who are exposed to or contract COVID-19 to be given full protections of the IL Workers’ Compensation Act

While some stores and businesses have been ordered to close, some must remain open.  Those businesses are staffed by workers who are not able to shelter in place and must continue to work  day in and day out.

At the Law Offices of Timothy N. Henderson we want to extend our gratitude and thanks to those who continue to work and make the world run.  We want to let those workers most susceptible to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) exposure know that you ARE entitled to “the full protections of the Workers’ Compensation Act in the event you are exposed to or contract the virus…”  Call 312.444.9400.  We can help you NOW!