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Health Care & Property Power of Attorney

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Consult an Attorney to Help With These Powerful Directives

Illinois’s Durable Power of Attorney law provides for two types of “statutory powers”: health care and property. This law also provides for the appointment of an “agent” and a “successor agent”.

This agent would be able to use his/her “health care power” to make health care decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make these decisions. The agent named in your Health Care Power of Attorney would serve as a “guardian” of your person. This agent would be able to make decisions concerning residential care, risky surgery, and other life decisions were you unable to do so. Naming a Health Care POA avoids a guardianship proceeding at a later date.

A “property power” will allow the “agent” to act in your behalf in whatever areas you have chosen if you become unable to make these decisions. The agent named as your Property Power of Attorney will be able to manage and access your property. Your agent would be able to make financial decisions for you regarding bank accounts and bills. Your Property POA will be able to sign on your behalf by showing their copy of the Power of Attorney agreement.

While forms to grant “power of attorney” are available online, it is always a good idea to consult an attorney to make sure that points important to you and your situation are covered.

I can work with you to make sure these powerful advance directives deal with the financial and personal issues you want to manage.

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