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Premises liability accidents often result in far more than injury.  Often the injured party is confronted with lost wages, emotional stress, medical expenses and, in some cases, the need to deal with a permanent disability, disfigurement or, in the worst case scenario, a death.  You need an attorney who will fight for your rights and help you recover financially, physically, and emotionally.  Timothy Henderson’s experience with premises liability accidents and injury.  He has been helping injured parties for years and can give you the commitment, dedication and representation you need in order to begin the healing process.

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Injured Because of a Property Owner’s Negligence in the Joliet or Chicagoland Area?

The Illinois Premises Liability Act states that property owners have the duty to take reasonable care of the premises to ensure a safe environment for others. If you have suffered an injury on another person’s property, whether residential or commercial, due to the owner’s negligent care and maintenance of the property, they may be liable.  A property owner is responsible for proper maintenance of their property and is required to correct any premises safety issues in a timely manner.  If you suffer an injury due to a safety hazard on the premises caused by neglect, you can hold the property owner liable.

Slip & Fall Accident Victim

Slips and falls, potholes, wet or uneven floors, improperly stored or shelved equipment, cracked sidewalks, improperly secured fixtures, and other dangerous conditions are only a few examples of instances that could prompt a premises liability claim.  If these conditions led to an injury and the property owner had failed to adequately maintain their property or to warn of possible hazards, the owner may be liable for the resulting injury/injuries.

If you have been injured on a someone else’s property, notify the property manager/property owner immediately.  After notifying the owner/property manager, contact an experienced premises liability attorney to help you.   Tim Henderson’s firm has a great record for success and a commitment to maximize your personal injury claim.  He has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients – helping them to maintain or improve their quality of life post accident by obtaining the compensation they need to move forward.

Common Premises-related Hazards

There are a variety of premises-related safety hazards that can lead to an accident or personal injury. A few of the more common safety hazards leading to injuries include:

Inadequate lighting
Broken stairs
Loose railing
Uneven or cracked floors or walkways
Unsafe elevator
Poorly secured or unsecured shelves resulting in falling objects
Wet or slippery floors

Premises liability accidents can occur in all types of settings including hotels, banks, retail stores, amusement parks, grocery stores and other similar locations.  The resulting premises liability injury can be as simple as a sprain or as serious as death or permanent disability.